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Wisdom teeth can be a major problem for anyone's oral health. Without knowing the benefits of wisdom tooth removal, most patients go for it because dentists recommend that. You should know about the benefits of wisdom teeth removal before going to the dentist.  If you think you are alone in wisdom teeth removal then this is news for you. According to an analysis "Each year, over 5 million Americans have their wisdom teeth removed, and dental treatment costs approximately 3 billion dollars

What are wisdom teeth?


Many people don’t know what wisdom teeth are and why that can be a problem. The third set of molars are the wisdom teeth and they come in at the last of your mouth near the point where the jaw hinges together. Most wisdom teeth appear between the ages of late teens and early to mid-twenties. We know that most of us have four wisdom teeth, the top two, and the bottom two. 

Wisdom teeth, also known as third molars. It has been called wisdom teeth because at a mature age it comes through. If you have enough space in your jaw then wisdom teeth will erupt normally. And It will help you to chew. A majority of people don't have enough space in their jaws, That's why their wisdom teeth can't grow correctly. However, Not everyone will get wisdom teeth. If your parents don't have any wisdom teeth then you might never get them either.

Feeling a little discomfort when your wisdom teeth erupt is normal. Go To the dentist without delay if your wisdom teeth erupted and that reasons you to start to experience pain or discomfort. 

What problems are caused by wisdom teeth?


When wisdom teeth can't erupt perfectly through the gum, in this situation, they can cause many problems that require removal. The problems are

Tooth decay: Bacteria, saliva, and food particles can get stuck around an impacted wisdom teeth and that's why it can cause the adjacent tooth to decay. When the decay increase it occurs pain and infection. 

Pressure on other teeth: When the wisdom tooth could not get enough space to erupt, that time, it creates pressure on other teeth and leads to erosion of other teeth. 

Gum Infection: When food gets trapped around a wisdom tooth, In small spaces it gets hidden between teeth and gums that are called pseudo pockets. And it causes a local infection that can easily spread to the cheek and neck.

Cysts: A cyst can easily grow in the soft tissue around an impacted wisdom tooth. A cyst is harmful to jaw expansion, bone destruction, and damage to nearby teeth. Because of these reasons, it becomes necessary to remove the tooth and cyst to prevent further bone loss. 

Prosthetic Reasons: Every patient should remove their wisdom teeth. If left in, later it might erupt and require a new denture that takes the new shape of the gum.

Benefits of wisdom teeth removal


Your wisdom teeth can be a bigger issue for your oral health if they can't emerge or do grow into place. Preventing these issues is the main benefit of removing wisdom teeth. The main problems that occur with wisdom teeth are, bite problems, tooth decay, tooth overcrowing, inflammation, and pain in your face and mouth. Because of these benefits, dentists recommend removing wisdom teeth. 

The procedure and the benefits of leaving wisdom teeth you can understand through this article.

Reduced Headaches: We know that wisdom teeth grow at a mature age, and for that reason, they could not get enough space on the jaw that's why they try to push other teeth to make room for themselves. Headaches increase for this intense pressure on teeth and this is the main reason for headaches. By removing the wisdom teeth that headaches can be relieved. 

Protect Other Teeth From Damage: Wisdom teeth can put a lot of pressure on the other teeth because they can not get enough room to erupt. That's why they enamel or damage other roots. Every wisdom tooth has a very large root and that is unpredictable. Infected wisdom teeth are dangerous for other teeth and they lead to cavities or even bone loss. 

Prevent Infection: Through the gum tissue, wisdom teeth can partially erupt, fully erupt, or become impacted which means the gums below the tooth are stuck. Erupted teeth can be a magnet for food and infection-causing bacteria. Cysts and tumors can be reasons for TMJ pain and they can invade the jaw bone and they can easily grow in the soft tissue around an infected wisdom tooth. The nearby teeth and gums can be infected if it is not controlled. Chronic bad breath also occurs by infection. 

Better Oral Hygiene: Erupted wisdom teeth have limited space, and because of this limited space, it is difficult to clean. Even toothbrushes and floss can't reach between the tooth.  Many patients can't understand wisdom teeth' side effects. When it slowly develops oral hygiene.

problems and damage to the teeth that time it occurs pain. After that, they realize or it is noticed by a dental professional.

Lessen Oral and Facial Pain: When the extra set of molars does not get enough space that time they try to make room in the jaw, and when they put pressure occurs pain. Inflamed gums and sensitivity are the other cause that occurs through wisdom teeth. When you eat any foods that you like you get pain because the gums are sensitive or inflamed. When you put pressure on wisdom teeth, it can cause chronic headaches as pain radiates through the jaw. By removing the third molars you can get relieve that pain and enjoy the foods you want to eat without irritating your gums. 

Wisdom teeth removal procedure 


If you need to remove your wisdom teeth, the dentist will take an X-ray of your mouth to identify, which teeth should be removed. By a dentist or a specialist, a wisdom teeth extraction is performed. In the first step, the dentist will numb the tooth surrounding the area with anesthesia. Anesthesia may be administered intravenously or by injection depending on the severity of the extraction.

After anesthesia is applied, the second step is removing the area of bone that is blocked by the wisdom tooth. Through a dental drill, the dentist will divide it into sections, as though the tooth can be removed easily.  After that, a tool is used to actually extract the tooth called extraction forceps.
After the damaged part has been removed, the empty space in the tooth needs to be cleaned. When the tooth is taken out there is an empty space that will have to heal. To ensure proper healing, the empty space has to be disinfected so that bacteria do not increase and spread. All cleaning processes are done by a water stream. Although it does not take long, it is one of the most important steps.
The fourth part of a wisdom tooth extraction is closing, it may be stitching the open wound shut to prevent debris from entering. In some cases, stitches are not necessary, however, that is rare. Your dentist may place gauze to control bleeding and promote clotting. After the returns home gauze is often necessary and it is important to remove the gauze every hour to ensure cleanliness. 
If you looking for more information on wisdom tooth extraction, it will be best for you to consult directly with our dentist. They are always ready to help any patient.


Does wisdom teeth removal cause headaches?

Wisdom teeth removal causes you headaches because it happens due to the tension in facial muscles spreading from gums to head. It is proved that for those, who are afraid of undergoing tooth extraction headaches occur most of them. Besides headaches patients also get jaw pain.

Can I eat strawberries after wisdom teeth removal?

You should not eat strawberries after wisdom teeth removal. Experts recommend waiting a full week before eating strawberries. The healing of the teeth can be disrupted by strawberries.

Why experts now say not to remove your wisdom teeth?

Nowadays experts don’t recommend removing wisdom teeth because of its side effects. After surgery most people face many problems, they can’t be fully opened their mouths for several hours or even days. Another reason behind avoiding removing wisdom teeth is its risk factors and disadvantages. 

What is the best time to remove wisdom teeth?

18 and 25 between the age is the best time for wisdom teeth removal. But it can be removed by anyone at any time if they feel any problems caused by wisdom teeth.